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Whats in this Discussion……………….

  • What is Supervised –
    • You get to know about the basic idea behind Supervised Learning and what you can take as input or how you can understand your data.
  • Continuous Variable Prediction –
    • During this talk, you will get to know how you can identify the continuous variable and use that property of that continuous variable to make a prediction.
  • Categorical Variable Prediction –
    • You will be explained with the idea of identifying a categorical variable, analyze its importance and make its useful sense in the prediction.
  • Confusion Matrix –
    • It is the key term for model analysis and highly used for different important conclusions, F1 Score, Precision, Recall, Accuracy are some of the outcomes that will be summarised using Confusion Matrix.
  • Loss Functions –
    • Loss is always there when you will be working on machine learning models. The idea is that you have to minimize the loss in such a way that there is no underfitting and overfitting in the model.
  • Closing Note –
    • A note over the discussion that how it is an important and overall overview.

ABOUT THE COMMUNITY………………………………………………..

The Data Talk is a Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence community where we create a platform for professionals from all across the globe to come and interact with each other at the same platform…..

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Sasank Amavarapu


Professional Career

  • Data Scientist –
    • UGRO Capital (Nov. 2020 – Present)
  • Ex-Data Scientist –
    • HDFC BANK (May 2018 – Nov 2020)
  • Data Scientist Intern –
    • American Exp (Oct 2017 – Mar 2018)


  • IIM Calcutta –
    • Post Graduation Diploma in Business Analytics
  • IISc, Banglore –
    • Bachelor of Science