About Us….


  • Creating research reports on different technical and functional growth and developments. Different technology and functional tools are there which are being used by professionals like Adobe lightroom, python programming, cloud services, and drawing tools. Cost cutting, competition, and popularity of a product with its advantages and disadvantages often matter affect the professional’s pay-scale if they are not updated by the new tools their market penetration and growth. We will be creating reports around different verticals suggesting our members keep an update around the same so that their future relevance is always there in spite of market conditions.
  • Developing a web-based community of technical and function professionals on a paid membership basis. The Product named “The Data Talk” is to be developed over the web and mobile panels which will enable community members to leverage assets, build networks, enhancing skills that we create in form of suggestions, discussion, events, entertainment, reports, and podcasts to be seen and used by community members for their growth & value creation and enhancement. The members mostly are part of professional organizations serving in the technical, functional, or entrepreneurial fields, further students can be a member. There will be 1 month or 14 days of free trial which let users experience the platform before making the final purchase of the application.
  • Providing Software development/data analytics /visualization support to client /in-house projects. To remain in business, we are going to accept products and services market requirements and hire required resources to make that project work or keep it alive on a temporary or permanent basis through freelancing, part-time, and full-time human resources hiring.

About The Data Talk Product…

The Data Talk is a premium community platform designed to give an exclusive service along with networking to professionals. Our Platform can be useful for Tech, Functional, managerial and Entrepreneurial professionals. Following are the perks available on our platform as mentioned…

1. Fun – A tab designed to enable fun activities between members which include gaming, music listening as well as meditation tips.

2. Queries – It enables users to raise as well as respond to queries. It will activate post reach of 10 K Users.

3. Courses – We don’t create courses but manage to list down all the free and paid courses available for you to learn and broaden your knowledge.

4. Test – There are more than 30 test sets available on which you can test your skills and improve your knowledge. You can also check your score at the end.

5. Collab – Here you can raise a collaboration request regarding patent or paper writing as well as participating in competitions and events. It will activate a post reach of 10 K Users.

6. Podcast – We invite different experts and do events on Linkedin Live, Instagram, Zoom, or other social gathering platforms and you can leverage those insights here.

7. Blogs – The tab is designed for platform users to read and write blogs and share them with a wider audience. Further, this platform enables you as a user to get paid by readers directly.

8. Events – We do live events on a regular basis in which you can always participate as a member. We do get-together events on Sunday 4:00 to 5:00 PM with members and you can join together with us. You as a participant or part of the community can raise a request for zoom pro for professional activity and you can do such activity based on time slot availability.

9. Resources – Our and our member’s work is available here and you can see and leverage that information. There is a model tab where there are 10 examples available on every machine learning model which you can learn. There are also other tabs available that can help you further in your technical and functional area growth.

Post Completion of 1 year of community members with The Data Talk. Following are the new access enabled for you…

  1. Advisor for your annual return filing. For your Salary Income, Home Loan, and Capital Gains.
  2. Insurance Consultant for health and life terms.
  3. Investment Consultant